In a supposedly unprovoked attack, a Florida man allegedly assaulted a customer in a 7-Eleven.

According to the court record, 31-year-old Le’trail Tresalus was arrested on a felony battery charge for allegedly taking and throwing a jar of Tostitos salsa at a fellow patron of a 7-Eleven convenience store.

The victim was struck by the glass jar so hard that the 15.5 ounce jar broke on their back.

Tresalus, who stands at 6'2" tall and weighs about 300 pounds, is currently sitting in the Pinellas County jail waiting for his $4500 bond. In addition to the battery count, Tresalus is also facing a theft charge for a Choco Taco ice cream bar he stole from the 7-Eleven.

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Investigators say the guy struck by the Tostitos jar suffered a minor laceration and "visible swelling." A witness saw the attack, but it was also, of course, caught on video by surveillance cameras.

Tresalus has a criminal history of battery and theft convictions, so the charges he's facing for this incident were raised to the felony level.

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