Something about "Man Arrested For Hitting Girlfriend With Slice of Pizza" just screams Florida, doesn't it?

Police in Port Charlotte, Florida were called about a disturbance at an apartment. When they arrived, they were approached by a 51-year-old who said her boyfriend, 59-year-old Sean Metcalf had "smacked her in the face with a piece of pizza."

Charlotte County Sheriff's Office
Charlotte County Sheriff's Office

The victim told officers she was taking some items to the trash, when Metcalf got very upset with her. One of the items was a pizza box she had thought was empty.

Sean was upset that the girlfriend was throwing away his things, and started to yell at her. So, the victim got upset and threw the pizza box towards the apartment, causing pizza slices to fall out. I'm pretty certain that's a party foul.

It was then that Sean approached the victim, “picking up a slice of pizza and hitting the victim in the face and chest with it.”

Metcalf admitted to police that he lost his cool and began yelling, but didn't know how the victim got pizza on her. Officers said when they arrived, the victim was covered in "grease, red sauce, and food toppings."

Sean Metcalf was arrested and charged with domestic battery, and was released after posting a $2000 bail. He is currently under a no-contact order with the victim.

Read more at The Smoking Gun

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