A Florida Man and his three sons have been arrested for selling what they said was the 'COVID Cure.'2

Mark Grenon, and his sons, Jonathan, Jordan and Joseph Grenon, promoted their product as "Miracle Mineral Solution," but they're accused of fraud as well as violation civil court orders instructing them to stop selling the product.

The ingredients of the Miracle Mineral Solution include the following:

  • Bleach

Court documents filed in the civil case that on a podcast last year, Mark referred to the 2nd Amendment and claimed the judge who ordered the stop of the sale of MMS.

"Do they want a Waco?" he is alleged to have said, according to the documents.

According to the documents, they manufactured the product in their backyard's shed, about 45 miles south of Tampa in Bradenton.

They sold thousands of the bottles through an "avowedly non-religious" church, called Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. MMS was marketed as a cure-all for cancer, diabetes, and other disorders and diseases. Essentially a cure-all.

When they began marketing the product as a COVID cure, their revenue jumped from $32,000 a month to $123,000 a month.

The family has sold more than 28,000 bottles, earning more than $1,000,000.

When officials raided the Bradenton property, they found dozens of chemical drums, 10,000 bottles of the solution, the U.S. attorney's office for southern Florida said in a news release.

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