Seeing a movie is still a classic first date idea. So here are five tips to help you pick a good one, even if you're just watching it on Netflix.

  1. Pick something that's two hours or less. You don't want to be too tired to hang out after, or grab a drink. So "Toy Story 4" at 1 hour 40 minutes might be a better bet than "Avengers: Infinity War" at three hours.
  2. Don't pick a horror movie unless you know they're a fan. Obviously just talk about it first, and agree on something you both want to see. But comedies tend to be better, because you get to find out if you have the same sense of humor.
  3. Bad movies are okay. Sometimes a bad movie is better than an Oscar winner on a first date. Just don't talk something up, so they question your taste afterward.
  4. Avoid super-hot actors, or too much sex. This one's a little weird, since ALL movies have good-looking actors. But the point is don't assume movies with a lot of sex scenes will put them in the "mood." It can actually have the opposite effect.
  5. Consider the content of the movie. Something light-hearted might be better than something serious or controversial, like movies about religion or politics.

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