The same company that brought us Halloween-themed ice cream flavors with pig's blood and crickets is rolling out some flavors that are a little more wholesome.

Salt & Straw is located out on the west coast, but they'll ship their unique ice cream anywhere. They just rolled out their new flavors for Thanksgiving and while they're not as extreme as the Halloween ones, they're still not normal flavors.

They have:

  • Salted Caramel Thanksgiving Turkey, with turkey fat and skin mixed in.
  • Sweet Potato Casserole with Maple Pecans.
  • Roasted Cranberry Sauce Sorbet.
  • Roasted Peach and Sage Cornbread Stuffing.
  • Spiced Goat Cheese and Pumpkin Pie.

To get a pint of each will cost you $65, plus another $50 to $60 for shipping. The ice cream gets delivered in a special cooler that's packed with dry ice.

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