Ask 10 people what a classic car is, and you'll get 10 different answers.  That's part of what makes the Dwyer and Michaels Classic Car Calendar such a fun project for us.  Since the cars are voted in by our audience, every year will bring us a different harvest.

And this September, the harvest calls for the first ever Gen 3 Camaro--Kyle Cord's 1985 features some "slight" modifications. Clearly at home on the street or strip, and also this rare moment when we parked it at Linwood Mining in Davenport.

Ciara actually had clothes on when she arrived, but when Kyle drove by, all but the bare minimum were blown off!  Thankfully Jerry Petersen was there to capture the moment.  Thanks to Linwood, and to Ciara for giving us blue oval fans something to celebrate in September!


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