A woman in Michigan tried to help out her boyfriend who was getting pulled over in a traffic stop, but she ended up getting herself arrested.

The Troy Police in Michigan said on September 19th, they were called to Courtyard by Marriott Detroit Troy just after 8:30pm. The caller said she was on the second floor of the hotel and heard two gunshots fired.

After a thorough investigation and talking with other witnesses, they determined there were no shots fired. After looking into the caller, they found that she was the passenger in a vehicle that had been pulled over by another officer.

The caller, a woman from a 30-year-old Madison Heights, admitted that she made the call so that police would handle the shots fired call rather than arrest her boyfriend who was driving.

The woman was arrested and charged with falsely summoning a peace officer. So far, she hasn't been named in the reports released to the public.

Read more at Fox 2 Detroit 

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This isn't the first time last week that a woman was arrested for helping out her boyfriend.

Earlier this week, we reported on a woman in Maine who called the police to tell them there were bombs planted at a factory in town.

It turned out, there were no bombs, of course, but she had made the whole thing up. The factory had to close for the day to be checked out by authorities, so her boyfriend got the day off of work, which was her intention for the call.

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