Who'd have thought we'd ever have a story like this happen in our own backyard. A rare, 1966 427 big-block 425hp Corvette was found in a collapsed Iowa barn.

Dave Engler had wanted a Corvette his entire life. He was working for Scott County Roads Department when a mechanic told him that his uncle had been storing a Corvette for decades.

Before his retirement, Engler mentioned that he was looking for a project to keep him busy. He had the mechanic pester his uncle to see if he'd sell the car to Engler. Eventually Engler was able to look at the car and make an offer.

When they arrived to the collapsed barn, Engler and his crew had to move three feet of dirt just to get the door open. There they found an aluminum truck box that held the rare Vette.

Here's what they discovered:

The car had sat for 40 years before Engler rescued it and restored it to it's former glory. Here's a look at what it is now:

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