Do you ever have to chug a whole pot of coffee to get through work? Well, you might not want to make a habit of it. According to a new study, that much coffee could be making you dumber.


Researchers looked at the GPAs of more than 1,000 college students, and asked how many cups of coffee they drink each day. The more coffee they drank, the lower their grades were.

Students who didn't drink coffee had an average GPA of 3.43. The more they drank, the more it dipped. Students who averaged one cup a day had a 3.41 GPA, 2 cups was 3.39, and 3 to 4 cups was 3.38.

The ones who drank five or more cups a day had an average GPA of 3.28. Which is a much bigger difference.

Now, this doesn't necessarily mean coffee is causing it. There could be other reasons why college kids who drink a ton of coffee get lower grades, like maybe they need to because they're so hung over.

Too much coffee can keep you up at night and the researchers also found a pretty major connection between grades and how much sleep students got.

The average GPA for kids who got at least 8 hours a night was 3.48. For students who averaged 5 hours or less, it was 3.31.

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