Sometimes you just need someone to kick your ass and teach you some manners.

38-year-old Myka Meier is a professional etiquette teacher at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

On Monday morning, she and her three-year-old daughter were walking, when suddenly a man dressed as a ninja crossed their path and grabbed her purse.

Myka showed she was no pushover by screaming and proceeding to fight the ninja long enough for two nearby construction workers and a doorman to come giver her a hand.

“I think he was shocked that I fought back,” Meier told the Daily News. “I think I was more aggressive than he intended. But I train for this stuff. I leave my manners classes and I go kickbox.”

She says she did have a fall that caused some bruising on her back and arms, as well as a torn thumbnail.

“There was a little tug of war over the bag for maybe about a second, and then he started running, once I think he saw the attention coming,” Meier said. “The doorman and the two construction workers did their thing and just grabbed him and held him.”

Myka said that the ninja probably looked at her as an easy mark, but when he tried to grab the bag, it was still looped around her shoulder, giving her the chance to kick his ass.

Thanks to the good samaritans, police arrested 41-year-old Casique Roman and charged him with robbery.

“I’m all about educating people on manners,” Meier said. “This guy certainly needs some.”

Read more at New York Daily News

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