A St. Louis high school's football team is in hot water after a player was caught playing as a made up player.

Instead of his normal number four jersey, Cardinal Ritter College Prep junior Bill Jackson dressed up as the "new" freshman player, "Marvin Burks," which of course is a fake name. This new "freshman" went on to score on a 56-yard touchdown pass and run a total 109 yards against Nazareth Academy. Pretty impressive for a freshman, I'd say.

We reached out and got a hold of the documentation the team passed on to the referee.

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Doing some digging, we found that "Marvin Burk Jr" is featured on the teams roster on MaxPreps. You can check out some of this incredible freshman who made varsity's highlights from the game.

You might notice Marvin runs a lot like Bill Jackson, but he was suspended so it obviously can't be him.
In an interview about this new freshman player, head coach Brandon Gregory said that he "earned the start" and "it was his time to play ball." Jackson also was interviewed about the game, he told the Post-Dispatch "watching last week, it wasn't fun at all. It gave me a spark."
So what got them caught? A local journalist noticed that this high school freshman had the same tattoos as the suspended junior.
After being caught, the school's president has voided the entire season, and the entire coaching staff has been released.
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