Photography has changed a lot over the years. It went from you had to buy a very expensive camera with all the "bells & whistles" to be able to take professional photos, to anyone who owns a high-end smartphone can take some really impressive photographs. In this day & age, everyone's a photographer and now you can win money for your expertise!

Keep Iowa Beautiful is announcing the 12th Annual Keep Iowa Beautiful Photography Contest. Iowans have the next six months to grab their cameras, or phones, and enter one or all of the five categories.

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In a press release, Kevin Techau, Keep Iowa Beautiful Executive Director said:

"There are five categories to enter your favorite photo of what makes you proud to be an Iowan and captures the beauty and spirit of Iowa."


The Keep Iowa Beautiful photo contest will feature over $2,000 in cash awards

The two-phase contest is underway with the entry deadline on December 18, 2021. Each of the five categories will be awarded 1st place: $100, 2nd place: $75, and 3rd place: $50. January 17-31, 2022, the five first-place winners will be featured on Keep Iowa Beautiful social media for voting and selecting the Public Favorite Photo. The winner will receive an additional $100.

The (former Iowa Governor) Robert D. Ray  "Best of Show" Awards, determined by a distinguished panel, will also be announced at that time with 1st place winning $500, 2nd place: $250, and 3rd place: $100.

The five categories are:

Iowa Landscape
Capture Iowa's beauty through depictions of Iowa's landscape, including but not limited to: farm fields, rolling hills, and wooded forests.

Iowa Water
Feature Iowa's beautiful water systems with depictions of Iowa rivers, streams, ponds and lakes.

Iowa Cities
Iowa's urban centers are hubs of history, culture, and beauty. This category features depictions of Iowa's cities, street scenes, and urban landmarks.

Iowans in Action
This category aims to capture the spirit of Iowa through depictions of the people that live, work, and play in Iowa. All means of action that can be captured: biking, running, fishing, hunting, and hiking are but a few.

Iowa Wildlife
Iowa is home to a variety of beautiful critters. This category aims to showcase Iowa's beauty through depictions of Iowa's wildlife animals: mammals, fish, birds, bugs, and more!

A $5 fee is required for each photo entered. Contest rules and entry guidelines are on Keep Iowa Beautiful's website. So this summer, keep an eye out for some unique photos of our great state and you could win some cash!

Scroll down to see all of the 2020 contest winner's photos, they're awesome!

Keep Iowa Beautiful Photography Contest Winners - 2020 - Photo Gallery

Check out these beautiful photos capturing our great state of Iowa. The contest features five categories...Iowa Water, Iowa in Action, Iowa Wildlife, Iowa Landscapes, and Iowa cities.
Courtesy - Keep Iowa Beautiful
Courtesy - Keep Iowa Beautiful

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