Normally I'm a "go to sleep when I'm tired" kind of guy.  Not much bothers me.  If there is...I can generally shut it off.  Literally I shut it off.  If I find that my mind is wandering too much and it's keeping me away I tell myself, "stop thinking."

It works!

Most of the time.  It's like Sex Panther. "60% of the works ALL the time".

Actually my odds are closer to 95% but you understand the Anchorman quote.

So I couldn't fall asleep last night and this morning I wondered why.  I normally turn on my Kindle and read for a bit before I close my eyes but the wife had the election results on the TV so I ended up watching those for a bit.

I find it's helpful to watch the trainwreck as it's happening so I can be aware of where the shrapnel is going to land.

Michael Kosta is a stand-up comic and a correspondent on The Daily Show.  He posted a video that so perfectly depicts everything we've been seeing on the news.

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