A representative with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department told TMZ that officers had to be dispatched to a men's bathroom during the Eagles vs. Panther's game at Bank Of America Stadium, due to a couple who couldn't wait until after the game before getting it on. Of course, there's video, and of course, it's going viral.

Police were originally called to the men's bathroom due to a woman in the men's restroom, a violation of the stadium's policy.

When the officers arrived, there were four legs in one of the stalls, but you couldn't tell what was happening.

Officers had to coax the two out of the stall, to the protest of other men in the restroom.

"Let them finish!" Multiple men can be heard yelling at the officers.

Fortunately for the two, who were placed in handcuffs, no charges were pressed because nobody was able to determine if or what was happening in the stall.

I think its safe to assume that nothing had happened... yet, but it was definitely about to.

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