We got an email from Greg the Galva Subway guy, who shared a link with us to an estate sale on Stenzel Auction House in Cambridge, and one of the lots features a signed, early 2000's-era Dwyer & Michaels poster.

Good morning guys. This is Greg from the Galva Subway. hope you remember me from my free 30 second commercial! Thanks again for that!

Anyways just sending an email to give you guys some shit. Check this out! A signed Dwyer & Michaels framed picture at Stenzel auction house in Cambridge, Illinois. You guys can’t even bring $20! What a shame! Hahahahah just kidding, you guys rock .
Get the word out on this and see what you can get the bid up to!
Stenzel Auction House
Stenzel Auction House

There's 3 days left, and I feel like a priceless relic like this worth more than $28.

Get on there and bid!

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