Obviously, we all know that drinking alcohol while operating a vehicle is a pretty dumb thing to do, if not just for the safety aspect, the legal aspect. One guy in Texas took the advice of "Don't drink and drive," and said "Hold my beer."

A guy driving near Lake Waco in Texas earlier this month when he cut off some of the local game wardens who were out on patrol.

They were willing to let it slide until the guy started driving on the wrong side of the road after drifting over that way.

When they pulled him over, the wardens noted that the guy couldn't hear them because his radio was too loud. He fumbled with turning it down because he only had one free hand, so he handed the warden his open beer to use both hands to get it turned down.


The authorities suspected he was under the influence, so they had him step out. Obviously, he failed the field sobriety test after stumbling out of the truck.

He was handed over to the police and arrested for operating while intoxicated.

Read more at The Houston Chronicle


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