This is the kind of study that's going to drive people to become insane Howard Hughes types, sealing themselves in sterile rooms for the rest of their lives.

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A study at North Carolina State University found that every room in your house is infested with bugs. They studied 50 houses and found over 500 different types of insects, an average of 100 in every house. They searched for bugs in 554 total rooms and found some in all but five rooms.

Fortunately most of the bugs are harmless, but still. The five most common bugs are cobweb spiders, carpet beetles, small midges, ants, and book lice.

The researchers say, "We never thought we'd see such biology in homes that were clean, not filled with junk, just normal houses. Our hope is that this doesn't freak people out but they need to know their houses aren't sterile environments."

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