New generations are always coming up with new SLANG to annoy the older folks. I mean, we did come up with gnarly, yuppie, chill pill, talk to the hand, and gag me with a spoon.

In fact I recently decided to integrate the word "dope" into my vocabulary.  It's not a word I have ever said...even in the 90s. when it may have been more relevant or cool. Now after a few months of trying actively to include it when appropriate, it has landed.

I officially can say I use the word "dope" on a regular basis.  Does it make me cool?  No.  Quite the opposite, I'd imagine.  Does it make my kids cringe? Uh-hundred percent!  Which makes all the effort so worth while.

One website put together a list of 21 slang terms that are recently outdated.  Some of them are again, things I say around my kids to annoy them..

Here are some of them:

  • On fleek
  • Buggin'
  • Trippin'
  • Illin'
  • Word
  • Poppin'
  • Bomb
  • Flava
  • Fresh
  • Turn up
  • Boo
  • Fly
  • No doubt
  • Tight
  • Frontin'

So, now that these are out of style I may need to add another word into my vocab to drive home how dope I actually am. (see how effortless that was?)  But what would make them even more mad would be using terms that are en vogue.

I couldn't have felt more uncool by literally googling the phrase "what words are cool right now?"

  • No cap
  • Slay
  • Fire
  • Spill the Tea
  • Stan
  • Sus
  • GOAT

One of the best reasons to have kids is to annoy them.  So, I will do my best to fulfill my duty.

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