Viola Boyz Promoters are bringing the heat this summer as they present the Doin Some Damage Demolition Derby, this Saturday at the Clinton County Fairgrounds in Dewitt!

I sucks that everything is cancelled.  All the fairs.  All the concerts. But not ALL the fun is canceled. This is one event you can't miss.  It might be the only event happening for the foreseeable future.

So, if you can break them away from Fortnite...bring the kids for the Power Wheels Race and stay for five different classes of derby destruction!  There's the Wire Patch Class, the Fair Class (light weld), the Turn Key Compacts, Wire Compacts, and Mini Van/SUV/Mini Trucks division which is the must see event of the summer.

Pits open at three pm with the derby starting at six!  Grab your pit pass for only twenty five bucks!

Adults are just ten dollars, kids five to twelve are just five dollars, with kids five and under enjoying free admission! Download the 97X app and turn on the notifications to get yourself some free admission.

Don’t miss the Doin Some Damage Demolition Derby this Saturday at the Clinton County Fairgrounds in Dewitt!

For more info visit Viola Boyz Promoters on Facebook!

While I was checking out their Facebook Page I found this special summer series "American Drive" --the Heart of the Story takes us to a demolition derby.

Gary Metivier  wanted to find out why so many people put so much time and money into building cars just to crash and burn them at the demo derby.   Gary finds that families are becoming part of this community who are inspired by generations of demo drivers.



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