A family in Laurel, Mississippi were surprised when their dog brought home more than a stick or a bone.


At first they thought the canine had brought them some garbage, upon inspection they found it to be a big bag of marijuana. Narcotics officers responded to the family's home and found that the dog had retrieve one pound of weed. No word on how or where the dog got the bag.

On March 26, 2016 Jones County Deputies were dispatched to the 200th block of Will Hayes Road. The owner of a dog, family pet, at brought to the home a large bag with a substance that was believed to be marijuana. The owner thought it was a bag of trash the dog had brought from somewhere nearby and tore open at the house. When the owner got a closer look he smelled what he thought was marijuana, then saw the leafy substance. It is not known from where the bag was retrieved.

Jones County Sheriff's Office