On March 3rd, Tornadoes ripped through Central Tennessee, causing death and destruction from Nashville through Knoxville. One family lost their dog to a tornado, or so they thought.

Eric and Faith Johnson lost their home in Cookeville because of an EF-4 twister. They were warned about the storm shortly before it struck by their dog, Bella.

The family piled into the tub just as the tornado passed through their neighborhood, and rode out the storm. Eric threw himself on his family to protect them. He recounts the experience in a Facebook post, and explains he had to get 9 stitches in his head, and his wife had a few broken ribs.

...at that moment I had to turn around and run to my wife and kids because I could hear the tornado on the ground destroying homes I get to the tub literally dive on top of my wife and children and as soon as I do the house exploded and jerked me out of my wife and kids arms and threw me across our back yard about 50 yards.


Their house was destroyed, and when the storm cleared, Bella was nowhere to be found.

For days, the family walked their neighborhood with no prevail, leaving out clothing with the hopes she would find her way home through smell.

The Johnsons received word this past Friday that she had been seen. Trail cameras were put up to make sure it was her. Food was left out, and the exit to the alleyway was blocked.

Bella was caught and returned to the Johnsons, 54 days after she went missing.

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