Good: getting Uber for a ride after you've been drinking. Bad: getting an Uber after shooting at someone.

Michael Street has been driving for Uber for only a few weeks and is already looking at the job differently. On Sunday he was just starting his day when he got the notification for his first pickup around 2:30 pm. That's when four juveniles entered his car. "The front passenger had the cockaburs all over his sweatpants and I could smell sweat," Street said.

Des Moines police had just received a call of shots fired in the area, and Street noticed the strong police presence, but didn't want to pass judgement on his new passengers.

The police had gotten a call identifying a possible car that the shooting suspects may have gotten in to, and it matched the description of Street's vehicle. He made it about a block before he was surrounded by police.

With his hands up and remaining calm, he noticed a passenger reaching for a bag and that's when he exited the vehicle and yelled, "He's reaching for a weapon."

Police took the juvenile with the handgun into custody, but police do not have enough evidence to connect any of the juveniles to the shooting. No one was injured.

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