Nadia Zevallos was forced out of her job as a receptionist with American Dental in Union, New Jersey after blowing the whistle on the party culture enforced by her supervisor.

Nadia said her supervisor, Lilly Almeida, would drink hard liquor out of dental cups, eat marijuana jello shots and pot brownies, all while working.

Almeida allegedly pushed the party-all-day work ethic on her other employees, who also partook in partying, including dental assistants.

Nadia said she was offered drugs and alcohol multiple times, but always refused.

Nadia alleges Almeida was able to get away with her behavior because of her "flirtatious and possibly romantic relationship" with the dentist, David Paltac.

When Nadia complained to the office manager about the behavior, Almeida retaliated by screaming at her in front of patients, violently shook her chair and threw an accounting booklet at her. She knowingly also began scheduling Nadia for shifts she would have trouble working.

There can be an empty bottle of whisky in my garbage can, but if there is no video of me drinking it, no one can prove that the whiskey bottle is mine.

The office manager told Nadia in a meeting with Almeida, "We don't fire people, we just make sure your life is miserable so you leave on your own." She quit that day.

Two days later, another employee called to tell Nadia that everyone at the office was upset with her and told her one employee would "find you and kick your ass."

Nadia filed a lawsuit against the company.

Instead of applauding our client for reporting this unlawful behavior, the company forced her from her role. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our client in exposing the dangerous and unlawful behavior at Garden State Dental.

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