Dee Snider of Twisted Sister was on with Loudwire explaining how he invented the art that is stage diving.

He recalled playing the role of “frontman and the band’s security guard," fighting the troublemakers himself at their shows.

Listen to it here:

“I don’t know if you know, but I invented the stage dive. That night I was on stage and it was crowded, about 1000 people in a club holding 500. And a guy throws a bottle at me. I decided to dive from a six-foot-high stage in the audience and the audience would pick me up," Snider said. "I mean, there are 1000 people in one place for 500 people, how could they not get me? What I didn’t realize, as the first stage diver, is that it is human nature that when you see about 85 pounds of silver licks, which is what I was wearing that night, flying on its way, the human instinct is to leave of the way.”

Remembering the fall he took, Snider wishes he would've explained it to the crowd first, because he bruised the bone in his leg.

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