Statistics from the Metropolitan Police Department in Washington D.C. show that of the 82 carjackings that have taken place in the city this year, 63% of them have involved guns, and only 14 have resulted in arrests. One area Grandma is not putting up with those stats and flipped the script on a suspect.

A Failed Carjacking Attempt

A Washington D.C. woman refused to go on camera. Still, the woman known in her 22nd Street Southeast neighborhood as "Grandma" just gained herself a little more street cred after singlehandedly fighting off a carjacker - sending him to the hospital in the process.

On her way to chemotherapy, Grandma was headed for her car when a 15-year-old suspect approached her and wanted her keys.

“Next thing I know, he walked up talking about, 'give me your keys, I got a gun.' I said, 'baby, you better shoot me, because you’re not taking my car," Grandma told WJLA.

Gun pointed isolated on white bakcground
Boris Katsman

Grandma wasn't messing around either, because she gave the teen a beating he needed and definitely had coming to him.

Grandma Fights Back

"He pushed me to the door and I got up and I grabbed him and was hitting his ass, and hitting him and fighting him and I said, 'you not going to take my car, youngin.''"

When she called for help, Grandma got it from all the nearby neighbors, who caught the teen as he tried to run across the street to get away from the can of whoop-ass grandma just had opened on him.

"They caught him and I said, 'oh, you going to jail today. You definitely going to jail, yes you are," Grandma told WJLA.

You Should've Seen The Other Guy

Grandma showed the news channel the gash she received in the incident, but it was definitely a 'You should've seen the other guy' type of injury.

Metropolitan Police reported that the teen suspect left the scene of the crime in an ambulance.

"And they said it’s a wonder he wasn’t dead," she said. "On 22nd Street? He must didn’t know where he was. Nobody has seen this boy before."

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