Criss Angel is a crazy talented magician.  His show "Mind Freak" was always a fun watch.  Now you can see his live show at The Adler Theatre tonight!

I had never seen live magic before...except for street magicians, so the family and I decided to go to a show when we were in Branson.  Live magic is way different than the stuff you see on tv.  It's way better!

So, if you're a fan of magic you need to go see Criss Angel tonight in Davenport!

Tuesday, September 10 at 7:30 p.m.

Criss Angel has dominated the world of magic for over a decade, but even with his incomparable success, Criss’ passion is to constantly create and bring his magic revolution to fans everywhere. “Criss Angel RAW The Mindfreak Unplugged” is a theatrical experience unlike any seen before; bringing Angel’s famous sleight of hand street magic, mentalism, and even some of his most iconic illusions to life – all performed in an intimate, raw setting. This extraordinary evening of magic unplugged features Criss and some of his amazing friends with a stripped-down purity that’s in-your-face and guaranteed to blow your mind. Experience Criss Angel like never before!

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