This is one way to get your weekend started as soon as possible, although it's not very considerate of whoever is riding the subway with you.

A couple boarded a train in New York around 5 P.M. on Friday, then witness say they set up a tent, got inside, and started smoking drugs. One witness snapped the photo above and tweeted it to the local news.

That witness said the couple used the tent to "smoke some sort of drug" and were "exposing passengers to drugs." Several people on the train moved to a different car after smoke started to fill up the one they were in.

"I'm sick and tired of these people on the trains," the witness told News 4. "This drug epidemic is outrageous."

Authorities responded to the tweets and found the train the smoking couple was on. Police said the next day that when they arrived to the scene they didn't find anything. So it's unclear what happened to the couple and the tent.

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