74% of single people in a new survey said that being able to have a good conversation with someone is more important than looks. 60% said it's possible to fall in love after just one conversation.

Here are the top five conversation buzzkills that can ruin your chances on a date:

  1. Negativity.
  2. Talking so much that your date can't get a word in.
  3. Controversial topics, like politics and religion.
  4. Cheesy one-liners.
  5. Using too many big words just to seem smart.

70% said they've experienced awkward silences on a first date. The top four ways people deal with them are by changing the subject, just ignoring it, staying silent and letting it be awkward, and looking at their phone.

13% of people also said they've been so desperate for something to talk about, they've googled "conversation starters" during a date. 19% have also done it to prepare for a date.

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