A dispute between two neighbors ended in a helicopter flight to a hospital to fix a gunshot wound.

It was a quiet Sunday morning for a neighborhood in Grand Bay, Alabama, and one man was taking his early morning tinkle in the yard - his neighbor's yard.

The neighbor, John Williams (not the Star Wars music guy), was pissed about the guy's choice of a restroom, and confronted him. According to police, who are still investigating, the conversation turned into an argument leading to John grabbing a gun from his vehicle and shooting at the man making his bladder gladder.

The urinator ran to his vehicle next door, grabbed his gun, and returned fire. After at least ten shots were fired, John was struck in the face.

Obviously, John was injured, but he walked himself to the helicopter they brought in to take him to a hospital.

No charges have been filed yet, but a statement from Grand Bay Police's Captain Burch said this case looks like a self defense case, as the terminator of a urinator was fired at first.

Hopefully the jury favors the guy using the john in John's yard.

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