Finally, I can get paid for doing something I learned at work.

The web-browser Opera is looking to hire a temp to do a two-week head first dive into the internet.

Whoever gets the position of "Personal Browser" will spend two weeks looking at memes, watching cute baby/animal videos and doing research on unusual topics, all while livestreaming on Opera's social media.

"This might seem like a joke -- but it really isn't. We are indeed hiring a person to just surf the web and actually get paid for it. What we are looking for in a candidate is the unpolished truth, we want someone who has the guts to share their online experience with the world," said Maciej Kocemba, Opera's Product Director.

If you're interested, just simply record a 15-60 second video talking about the where you "talk about the most relevant browsing moment of their life."

"It can be anything from a funny incident to a dead serious revelation," the company said.

Just get your application in by November 13th.

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