If you think your Monday is rough, just be glad you're not this lady. 29-year-old Katie Holley from Melbourne, Florida had a cockroach crawl into her ear while she was sleeping last month.

Katie woke up one night and instantly knew something was wrong. She went to the bathroom, used a Q-Tip in her ear, and pulled it out to find two cockroach legs stuck to the cotton. Her husband used tweezers, but he also only removed two legs.

The couple rushed to the emergency room and while they waited, Katie could feel the roach scratching and exploring her ear canal. The doctor used lidocaine to numb her ear and kill the roach, then he pulled it out piece by piece.

After the numbness went away, Katie says her ear still felt weird. A week later she went to a doctor who realized there were still parts of the roach in her ear. The doctor flushed her ear and pulled out another six pieces of roach.

Later that same day, Katie saw an ear-nose-and-throat specialist who found more pieces still in her ear. It was then that the cockroach's head and torso were removed, nine days after it crawled in her head.

The Holleys had their home sprayed immediately and Katie sleeps with earplugs now. Who can blame her?

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