There’s a bit of Black Crowes history in Boston.

The city is the site of the band's final gig six years ago before it entered into a bitter breakup period. It was fitting that the recently reunited heads of the group, Chris and Rich Robinson, chose Boston to kick off the U.S. leg to their brief acoustic tour, Brothers of a Feather.

You can see videos from the show below.

The overfilled house of 500 or so at Brighton Music Hall last night witnessed the siblings and their repaired partnership ahead of this summer’s full-band run that will commemorate the 30th anniversary of their debut LP, Shake Your Money Maker.

While there’s some mixed reaction to the Robinsons being the only members of the original Black Crowes lineup on the upcoming jaunt, none of that seemed to matter as the spotlight fell squarely on the brothers in Boston.

“Good evening, everybody, friends and neighbors, Beantown people … we have some music for you tonight,” singer Chris Robinson said before the duo started with “Jealous Again” and “Twice as Hard.” The 13-song, 90-minute set touched on most of the Crowes' catalog, including a trio of songs from their third album, Amorica.

“We’re gonna do another song from the Amorica record,” Chris Robinson said as the pair prepared to play that album’s closing song, “Descending.” “Social media’s a powerful tool, so I don’t want to hear anyone saying, ‘How was the show?’ ‘It was a little Amorica heavy.' I just don’t know if I can take it, that kind of critique at this time in my life.”

When Rich’s guitar unexpectedly needed to be tuned, the singer added, “It was a little Amorica heavy … and they were out of tune.”

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The night was relaxed overall, with the turbulent relationship between the brothers looking like it's finally reached a friendly middle ground. The two shared smiles with one another throughout the night, much to the delight of fans, who at times nearly drowned them out when singing along to late-career and lesser-known numbers like “Soul Singing” (from 2001’s Lions) and “Oh Josephine” (2008’s Warpaint).

You can see the set list below.

Chris acknowledged his fractured past with his brother, noting that many people thought they’d never share a stage again. Before performing the 1995 single “Wiser Time,” he said, “We did so much dumb shit back then. ... We weren’t wise at all … but at least we got this song out of it.”

Announced just a few days before it began, the Brothers of a Feather trek through intimate venues started last week with shows in London and Amsterdam. The 11 dates sold out in minutes.

The shows take their name from a similarly acoustic-themed run the Robinsons did together in 2006. The new tour coincides with a vinyl release of 2007’s Brothers of a Feather: Live at the Roxy.

Following the conclusion of the tour in San Francisco on March 6, the Black Crowes will gear up for nearly 70 dates across North America and Europe, where they'll play Shake Your Money Maker in its entirety, “plus all the hits.”

Chris and Rich Robinson, Brighton Music Hall, Boston, 2/19/20
1. "Jealous Again"
2. "Twice as Hard"
3. "Wiser Time"
4. "Thorn in My Pride"
5. "Cursed Diamond"
6. "Oh Josephine"
7. "Good Friday"
8. "Hotel Illness"
9. "Descending"
10. "Soul Singing"
11. "She Talks to Angels"
12. "Remedy"
13. "Willin'"


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