Turns out we've been wrong all this time. The go-to treat for St. Patrick's Day isn't corn beef and cabbage, it's chocolate-covered pickles!

A chocolate store chain in Ohio had to announce via Facebook that they would be enforcing a limit on the number of boxes customers can purchase. They will start selling their pickle spears coated in chocolate today at noon, a box of four costs $9.99.

Sounds ridiculous right? Well, Malley's Chocolates plans on selling 30,000 pickles this weekend. "About half of the people I talk to are naysayers," said Dan Malley, vice president of marketing for Malley's. "But they know our track record for selling chocolate-covered grapes and chocolate-covered strawberries. Even if they don't like the idea, they say they've got to try it."

Read more at Cleveland.com.

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