Chipotle is in trouble again, but not for making people sick. This time it's for making someone too full.


Three guys in Los Angeles filed a class-action lawsuit last Tuesday, because they think the company's advertising makes it seem like their food is healthier than it really is.

One of them recently tried the new chorizo burrito after he saw a sign in the store that said it was only 300 calories.

But then he felt extremely full afterward, and realized it must have been more calories than that. Apparently the fact that the burrito was the size of his head didn't clue him in.

In reality, it's about three or four times that many calories, depending on what else you put in there. A spokesperson for Chipotle says the guy misunderstood, and 300 calories is just the total for the meat.

The sign in the store did say 300 calories, with a picture of a full burrito right above it. And the two other guys in the lawsuit say they thought the same thing. No word on how much they're suing for.

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