Taking office pranks too far is one thing, but this is closer to full on psycho behavior.

A chef at a resort in England got fired this week for bullying another chef he worked with, and pouring boiling butter down his pants.

He poured it down the back of his pants as a 'fun' joke. Then the guy ended up in the hospital with serious burns to his backside.

The guy who got burned is Nathan Davies. He says there's been a pattern of bullying, and he's been burned before. Davies claimed on Facebook (WARNING: Post includes graphic images) that prior to the butter incident, he had previously dealt with black eyes from being punched at work. And at least once, he was forced to eat a rabbit's fecal matter.

The chef who burned him realized he was in trouble. So he apologized over text, and claimed he never meant to hurt him by pouring boiling butter down his pants.

But then his next text was angrier, and asked "Why are you trying to get me [fired]?"

Police are looking into it as a potential assault, but we haven't seen any charges yet. And it's not clear if Nathan plans to sue.

Read more at Gloucestershire Live.

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