There's live music all over the Quad Cities. Here's a good list to make your decision on where to go & what to do.  Mostly local bands but some touring musicians as well.

If you have any shows coming up that you'd like to promote here on and when we talk about it on the air, let me know.  Just email and we'd love to get the word out about live music.  It's been a rough road for bars & bands for the foreseeable future so let me know how we can help.

Here’s what’s going on this weekend! Support your local musicians, bars & servers in any way you know how.  Even if it's contributing to paypal/venmo to your favorite band.

This list is subject to change...but here's what we have at the moment!

Open Jam Night @ You like My Place
Jordan Danielsen @ Go Fish Marina Bar & Grill · Princeton
Sarah and Robert at Thirsty's on Third
3 Men and a Molly @ Dam View Inn · Davenport
Michael Moncada & Molly Durnin @ Kavanaugh's Hilltop Bar & Grill · Rock Island
Fair Warning @ River Music Experience · Davenport
Live@Five @ River Music Experience · Davenport
Tribute to Cars & Bon Jovi @ Rhythm City Casino · Davenport
ProjectX @ GypsyHighway · Davenport

Zach Zurcher @ GypsyHighway · Davenport
Ron Tegeler Jazz Trio @ The Grape Life Wine Store & Lounge · Davenport
Lewis Knudsen @ Bootleg Hill LLC · Davenport
Pappa-Razzi @ Len Brown's North Shore Inn in Moline IL.
To add your event, send the info to

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