I went through a bit of a hip-hop phase in my middle school years.  I was hanging around with the wrong crowd.  Wearing polyester "parachute pants".  Cutting stripes into the side of my hair.  Listening to MC Hammer & Digital Underground with a dose of The Fat Boys and Heavy A for texture.

We used to dance our butts off at school events.  Crowds would encircle us.  Not because we were good...but because it was hilarious to watch an overweight 7th grader do that back bend thing with one hand on the floor and one hand in the air...then switch.

That was my move.  I'm not sure I would survive if I were to try again at 43.

But maybe my life would've turned out different if there an an end goal in mind other than to make the cute girl laugh.  Maybe if we could've set our sights on a gold medal I would've come up with a 2nd move.

Break-dancing . . . or "breaking", as it will apparently be called . . . is going to be an Olympic sport starting at the 2024 Summer Games in Paris.

The International Olympic Committee wants to make the games "more gender-balanced, more youthful, and more urban."

It will debut alongside climbing, skateboarding, and surfing as the next Olympic sports but some are worried that it's going to loose the flair that makes break dancing break dancing...Richard "Crazy Legs" Colón, one of the early superstars of breakdancing, says, quote, "[It goes] beyond just the moves.  The passion and the pain that goes with living through struggle . . . that is the essence of the dance.

"You want to make sure that the soul of it isn't diluted."


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