Previously unheard music from AC/DC legend Bon Scott’s former band has finally been released after 50 years in the vault. With the blessing of the surviving members of Australian rock band Fraternity, the group’s full discography from the early 1970s has been released.

Fraternity was formed in 1970, predating Bon Scott’s now-immortal reign as AC/DC’s classic vocalist. The band recorded two albums — 1971’s Livestock and 1972’s Flaming Galah — but the efforts were never officially released and Scott departed from Fraternity in 1973.

“Scott’s tenure with Fraternity has been poorly documented on the reissue market. Of the two albums the band had issued at the time, Livestock and Flaming Galah, neither album has been released officially. And their story has never been told accurately,” reads a summation from Cherry Red Records.

“Musically, from their base in Aldgate, South Australia, Fraternity ran the gamut of musical styles in vogue on the rock scene at the dawn of the 1970s, from proto-heavy metal to country and soft rock, progressive music and a nod here and there to the earlier psychedelic boom.”

Seasons of Change: The Complete Recordings 1970-1974 boasts three albums of material from Fraternity, including their two full-lengths, a collection of non-album singles, EP tracks, live recordings, and Fraternity’s victory at a national battle of the bands in their home country of Australia. Seasons of Change also features 18,000 words of sleeve notes and unseen photos of the band.

Listen to Fraternity below and click here to grab a copy of Seasons of Change.

Fraternity "The Shape I'm In". GTK 1971

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