Forty-eight years after its release, Bob Dylan's classic 'Like a Rolling Stone' finally has an official video. Maybe it took that long to get the technology right.

The interactive video is set up to look like a TV screen. And you can flip through the channels as the song plays, and each click reveals a new show in which the stars lip sync to the 1965 classic. You can watch the video, and play around with it, here.

'Like a Rolling Stone''s video is tied to the recent release of Dylan's mammoth new box set, 'The Complete Album Collection Volume 1,' which collects all 41 of the legend's albums plus a new two-disc compilation of outtakes and rarities. And yes, it's as awesome as it sounds.

As is the video, which is controlled by the up and down keys on your keyboard. There are 16 different channels in which to surf, including reality shows, a shopping network, news programs and even a cooking show. Be sure to click though all of the stations; Dylan himself is there on the Music 1 Classic station performing 'Like a Rolling Stone' live.

We're not very good at math, so we can't figure this out, but we're guessing there's something like a gazillion different combinations in which to watch the video. (The song runs a little more than six minutes, there are 16 different channels ... head ... hurts ...) Either way, it's a pretty cool thing and a great way to spend the rest of your day.