Nothing like a good brawl to kick off the season of peace and tranquility. The day is done, the sales are over, and retail workers everywhere are feeling like they can breathe again.

Just as this year's Black Friday is wrapping up, the fresh video of shoppers fighting are beginning to pour into the internet. Images of women scratching each other, of a grandmother beating a young guy with her purse, of children watching in horror as their fathers kick the crap out of each other are flooding our computers. It's uncomfortable and thrilling all at the same time.

And yet, every time Black Friday rolls around and we see these videos, it makes you wonder if it's really worth being hit, trampled, arrested, or even killed to get a chance at a cheap TV or game system or whatever you're after. But hey, maybe give Walmart a wide berth a you should be fine, right? Anyway, here are some of the best (or the worst) videos that we found:

These dudes fought in the food court of a mall in Louisville, Kentucky. No one seems to know what they were fighting about.


These people in Florence, Kentucky were apparently fighting over a pair of Air Jordan shoes.


These next three occurred in different Wal-Marts around the country:


This video appears to show a woman stealing a vegetable steamer from a little kid. The boy's mother, understandably upset, wrestles the woman to get the steamer back. However, multiple users on Reddit and Youtube have accused the clip of being staged because the woman easily could have grabbed one of the boxes next to her feet instead of swiping one from another person. You can decide for yourself: