Apparently the best way to connect with nature is to sit down for a beer and a meal with a black bear at your picnic table.


"It's not my fault if you get scratched," the man recording the video of the group having a sit down with the beast.

The group, sitting next to their case of Miller Lite, which definitely didn't have anything to do with their judgement, placed food on the table in front of the bear. One guy even reached out to pet the bear's snout, who seemed okay with it.

Most states Department of Natural Resources don't want you to feed bears, because they'll just keep coming back, but who in the world would pass up an opportunity to have a beer with bear and have it eat out of your hand?

Remember last year, when a bear just started randomly wandering through the Quad Cities? We named him Bruno, and he got caught on video taking a potty break in one of our listener's yards.

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