I've been in bands since high school. (Where my Urinalysis peeps at?) But as most things go, I had a bit of a lull in performing. Then I had kids and they became my audience.

Which was how I got back into playing music again. I learned a handful of songs by playing them to my daughter when she went to sleep. Then I decided to try out this whole "public performance" thing.

From there, I was joined from time to time by my cousin Bob Stage, who suggested we get a drummer. Enter Jeremy "Jorge" Folk (of Urinalysis fame) and we became Folk n' Stages.

So, tonight...we go old school! Solo! I become a one man band, complete with guitar/bass/drums (kinda).

I'm looking forward to playing at Oscar's Pub in Bettendorf. Come hang out tonight and have a few beers!



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