In high school we'd go to my buddy, Goose's house.  (Not the fella who's on the air before me...yes, I know two Gooses). Anyway, we'd go to his house & hang out & do God know what.  I remember rolling down his giant hill in a tire, a lot of firecrackers in his dining room and some campfire which of course got started by pouring fuel oil on some logs.

I don't remember his dad being a hunter, per se, but I know there was plenty of guns around the house. And there was this one piece of taxidermy that stuck out as particularity interesting especially to a high school fella like me.

Right as you went downstairs into the basement, there was a deer on the wall.  No, it wasn't a 10 point rack looking regal and proud.

It was a deer ass.

With an eye ball.

In it's butthole.

It had a sign above it saying something like "I'm watching you" or something like that.

Well, that was ground breaking.  Very creative, I'd say.  But if you took that to the next'd get something like this.

The Assquatch

It's called deer butt art and one of them goes for around $265 each.  They take the ass of the deer, add some eyes, a mouth and some semblance of a nose and attach a wire to the back to hang it with pride.

I mean...if you're looking for something for Father's Day...don't you think your dad deserves an Assquatch?

Because I think he does.

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