Two beer delivery guys, Jason Gaebel and Kwame Anderson, in St. Paul, Minnesota were out on their route last Wednesday when they drove across an overpass, and saw a guy about to jump.

When they saw the guy, he'd already climbed over a big fence. So all he had to do was let go and fall. Jason stopped the truck, then Kwame ran over and started talking to the guy, and kept talking to him for almost an hour, even after the cops got there.

He says he remembered some hostage negotiator tactics he saw in the Denzel Washington movie "Inside Man". That's how he was able to establish a rapport with the guy, and keep him from jumping.

The guy still wouldn't come down until Kwame asked if he wanted to have a beer with him.

When the guy said yes, Kwame ran back to his beer truck, grabbed a 12-pack of Coors Light, and that's what finally got the guy to climb back over the fence.

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