It started as an attempt at a nice gesture, but quickly became a compliment hungry plea for attention. Now, the Better Business Bureau says it can be a security threat to your personal information.

Before we get into that, first, let's get real. You are not helping the senior class in the slightest. At best, all you're doing is saying, "Look at me, I graduated." The kids are stressed, confused, and all-around down about the current situation. College students who worked to get their degree won't get to walk the stage and get their diploma. High school kids won't get to experience that first milestone, the transition from kid to "adult." The students don't even understand why you are sharing a photo of yourself in their name.

The Better Business Bureau says that jumping on these social media trends is a danger to your online security. When you sign up for a new account, think about what kind of security questions it has you fill out.

  • What year did you graduate high school?
  • What high school did you attend?
  • What was your first car?
  • What color was your first car?

Making this info public makes it easy for scammers and hackers to access the recovery aspects of your account.

Don't be a jerk, and don't compromise your safety.

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