I think maybe it's time for this guy to pump the brakes on his cosplaying.

The police in West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada were in a standoff on Saturday. They were outside a house with their guns drawn, after they got reports of a domestic incident and someone with a gun inside.

And as they were setting up, Batman walked up and offered to help.

Seriously. A guy dressed in a full-on Batman costume drove up in a truck with the Batman logo on it, hopped out, and walked up to the cops and offered to help. A neighbor who had been filming got the entire thing on video.

The cops told Batman to get the hell out of there and issued a statement reminding people not to do what that guy did.

Fortunately, the standoff ended peacefully when the cops went inside and found that the person didn't have a gun after all.

Read more at Kelowna Capital News.

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