If you've held the diet that I've kept since the beginning of the pandemic, you're basically living off of wine and cookies at this point. It appears one wine company has caught onto the new American diet and lifestyle, and just decided to go ahead and combine our two favorite things into one.

Nabisco and Barefoot got together recently to figure out a new wine, they've called the Barefoot Oreo Thins Red Blend Wine.


The wine boasts the flavor of chocolate and cookies and creme, in what they're claiming is the closest you can get to an Oreo in booze form.

You'll get the fancy chocolate feeling when you get the aromas of chocolate, blackberry, and dark cherry. They always say to pair red wine with dark chocolate, but this isn't something I ever would've thought of.

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Unfortunately, these limited-run bottles won't be on the shelf. You'll have to be ready on their website tomorrow, December 9th, and be ready with your card to place an order.

Each delivery includes two 750-milliliter bottles and one package of Oreo Thins for just $24.99. The offer only lasts as long as their supplies do.


“We were very excited to partner with OREO THINS to create our very first cookie-inspired wine,” Jen Wall, Barefoot winemaker since 1995, said in press materials. “Barefoot Wine is a brand that stands for fun, flavor, and expressiveness — all values that OREO THINS upholds as well. We had such a great time exploring the different flavor combinations, ultimately pairing the signature flavors of OREO THINS cookies with a blend of our bright, berry-flavored wine.”

You might be wondering why this collaboration is specifically Oreo Thins instead of the regular Oreos. They're thinner, so you can eat more of them.

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