More and more parents are turning to creative punishments for their kids, it turns out public embarrassment is WAY more effective than grounding or spanking.

Russell Fredrick owns A-1 Kutz in suburban Atlanta and he's come up with a new service to help parents punish their misbehaving sons.

If your son has been acting up, you can take him to A-1 Kutz, ask for the "Benjamin Button Special", and a barber will cut his hair to make him look like a balding old man.

(Instagram) "So u wana act grown...well now u look grown too"

They shave the top of his head completely while leaving a ring of hair around his ears and the back of his head. Basically, it makes the kid look like he's got male pattern baldness.

Russell is providing the service for FREE. He says he tested it out on his 12-year-old son last yearand his kid instantly started behaving better and getting much better grades.

He says he's gotten criticism from people who say it's emotional abuse, but he thinks it's a better option than using physical punishment and way more effective.