As things stand, WandaVision is two episodes deep into its nine-episode season — 22 percent done! — and we still have absolutely no idea how Vision, who died at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, is alive and well hanging out in television shows with his old flame Wanda. The answer will come eventually. But in Marvel’s original plan, we would have had a clearer idea what happened years before the show ever made it to the air.

In a joint interview with IMDb, WandaVision star Paul Bettany revealed to co-star Elizabeth Olsen that Avengers: Endgame was originally planned to end with a post-credits scene setting up their spinoff television show. As Bettany put it when asked by Olsen whether he was confident whether Vision was really dead after Infinity War or if he knew he’d be back all along, he said:

I was sort of very much in the 10 to 15 percent [at the chances of a resurrection]. At one point, there was going to be a tag where [Wanda] opened a sort of body bag drawer and there was The Vision. Kevin [Feige] talked to me and said, ‘I’ve just got to pull the shot.’ And I was like ‘Ugh!’ because I really wanted that profit participation.

Later, Feige called Bettany in to his office for a meeting. At that point, Feige had already cut the post-credits scene, and Bettany’s contract with Marvel was finished. So Bettany assumed the interview was a polite but formal end his involvement in the franchise. Instead, Feige offered him the co-lead role in WandaVision, which he gladly accepted.

I actually think cutting the Endgame scene was the right move. If that tag had been used, it would have been clear from the beginning that Wanda was responsible for Vision’s resurrection. That’s almost certainly what happened anyway, but removing the scene means there’s this additional mystery surrounding the show.

You can see Olsen and Bettany’s interview with IMDb below. New episodes of WandaVision premiere on Fridays on Disney+.

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