54-year-old Phillip Schaeffer of Monticello, Minnesota is NOT a prog rock guitarist.  At least he isn't in reality.  In his mind, he's one of the great ones.  Phillip was just busted for trying to skip out on $49,000 in medical bills by claiming he was DAVID GILMOUR, the guitarist from PINK FLOYD, and he'd have his agent send over the payment. And the hospital probably should've smelled out the scam immediately . . . because two years earlier, he skipped out on $23,000 in medical bills from the same hospital by claiming he was ALEX LIFESON, the guitarist from RUSH. He even posed for photos and signed autographs in both cases.  There's no word on what he was being treated for.

He pulled those cons at the Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George, Utah.  He finally got caught when he tried to pull the same con at St. Cloud Hospital in Minnesota . . . and a nurse finally realized he WASN'T from Pink Floyd.

When he went back to the hospital four days later for a follow-up, the hospital security confronted him . . . and he confessed.  He's facing felony fraud charges.

For future reference if either David Gilmour or Alex Lifeson show up at your office seeking medical attention, this is what they should look like.  If the third guy shows up, hand him a guitar before offering any medical care.